In 1970, Professor Izumi Taniguchi created the Asian American Studies at Fresno State due to the political instability and student activism. Two students of Professor Izumi Taniguchi then decided to get together and create an organization for Asian American students to help promote cultural diversity and cultural awareness. That was when the Amerasia Organization was formed. Today Amerasia is a vastly diverse multi-cultural organization. We still strongly promote cultural diversity and cultural awareness. Amerasia also supports higher education. With this in mind, Amerasia hopes to raise enough money to fund a scholarship fund for students pursuing higher education, in the near future. In addition, Amerasia continues to educate the community of the various Asian cultures here in the Central Valley through our annual Amerasia Week…


For over three decades, the Amerasia Organization still continues its tradition of the Amerasia Week celebration. The Amerasia Week is a week-long event, which takes place every spring during the first week of March. Each night of the week is given to an Asian club/org. on campus to utilize in showcasing various performances from their culture. The week ends with the grand finale, the Amerasia Festival Night. The Amerasia Festival Night showcases a rainbow of performances from various Asian cultures from both campus clubs/orgs and community organizations.

The reason for setting up the Blog:

I was trying to create a blog dealing with interesting facts that provide inspiration and empowerment to the APA community, issues that erupts within the community in our daily lives, or just something I find online that I want to share.